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NightMS Story Writing Competition

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1 NightMS Story Writing Competition on Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:43 pm

Craving for events? Being confident on story writing? Here’s the opportunity to grab your prizes! NightMS presents “NightMS Story Writing Competition”! Rules and regulations are as follows:

Rules and regulations:
1. You’re prohibited to use other people’s story line INCLUDED famous writers.
2. You’re prohibited to steal other player’s idea on this competition.
3. You’re prohibited to ask other people to write the story for you as it’s not YOUR own idea.
4. You’re allowed to use applications such as Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word to check your grammar error.
5. You’re not allowed to bribe people to quit the competition.
6. You’re not allowed to laugh at people’s idea as it’ll hurt their feelings.
7. You’re not allowed to insult anyone in your story.

How to gain more points in this competition?
1. Using appropriate sentences, grammars.
2. Less grammar errors.
3. Interesting story line.
4. Using of phrases.
5. Prevention of using the same word over and over again. (Repetition)

Where should I post my essay/story at?
Post it on the NightMS Story section of the forum.

How many essays/stories can I submit?
Only one essay/story is allowed.

When is the dead line?
4th of April 2009.

What are the prizes?
1 Horntail Necklace + 2 Dragon Stone!

That’s all for the rules and regulations. I hereby wishes everyone good luck in your story writing competition!

NightMS GM Team

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