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hi everyone, i hope i can become a good GM in Nightms and try to make it more popular

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Name: Ricky
IGN: PradaFgZ
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Experience to be GM before:Yes
Where do you live: Malaysia
Time zone:(UTC) +8:00
Reason: The reason i wan to become a gm is because i wanna to make Nightms become
more popular and make more ppl to join Nightms. Beside that , i wanna ban
all the people in the game which is cheated player, Playing hack system
,dun follow game rules and etc. Last, if i become a Gm in Nightms i am
sure many ppl will join Nightms and become more popular. Thank you and
have a nice day... Happy mapling...

From: Ricky
IGN: PradaFgZ

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