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1 co - owner on Fri Nov 21, 2008 6:55 pm

Name Lee

Age 16

Sex" Male

Live " AUS/Melb

i been gm before in 5 sever.

im on 24/7

i can get over 40 people into the sever

i can make this sever into a pro sever and to top rank 50 or more

but i need some time

i wanna be a co - owner like in charge of those gm to see they not doing anything wrong and giving other poeple free item.

bann all hackers but give them a warning first.

help new people .

make event/

and im a pro person gettting help of people into the sever .

And hope u accpet me as a -co leader owner or w/e it is Plz reply back on here or add me on msn ty u very much

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